Rather than attempting to capture movements of resistance/s vis-à-vis dominant powers or orders through binaries or dialectics, we require a more complex and mobile analysis – an approach that stipulates or captures netiher beginning nor end, but rather endeavours to engage the moments at play. The notion of the milieu (see Foucault; Deleuze & Guattari) provides a productive platform for this effort. The milieu is open, mobile and complex, marked by the simultaneity of movements of production/destruction, order/disorder, reinforcement/erosion; it simultaneously builds upon, produces and reproduces movements of both governance and resistance. We thus encounter a complex field of forces in and through which movements of both power and resistance are produced simultaneously and co-constitutively. Rhizomatic networks of resistance/movements generate ruptures in the fabric of the milieu, punctuating its terrain with ‘lines of flight’ (ligne de fuite; see Deleuze & Guattari) terminating not in tangible endings but in vanishing points (whereby we lose sight of their path) and new evolutionary pathways, characterised by a stable instability of mutation and remix.